Synth Arp & Drum Pad

The latest version of Synthesizer Arpeggiator & Drum Pad that lets you create fabulous phrases and beats of your own design! It's more powerful than ever with these new features.

- Compatible with the Inter-App Audtio function (iOS 7 and above) (V1.3.0)

- Audiobus support (input only) (V1.2.0)

- Perform an audio mixdown of recorded songs (V1.1.0)

- Audio library (compatible with SoundCloud and AudioCopy) (V1.1.0)

- An additional 19 tones and 24 arpeggiator patterns (V1.1.0)

There are 366 arppegiator patterns that can play phrases from all kinds of music genres like dance music, hip-hop, rock, pops, with one finger. The app has an internal synthesizer with 80 high-quality voices including 13 drum kits so you can hear the output as you play. You can save your phrases by recording them in an easy-to-use loop sequencer. You can freely modify the tonal qualities of the sound even after recording.

* This application is Core MIDI compatible. Wi-Fi communication possible with Yamaha MOTIF XF (body version 1.2 or above) Alternatively, use the MIDI Interface i-MX1 or i-UX1 to communicate with all MIDI devices.

* A USB Wi-Fi adaptor, sold separately, is necessary for Wi-Fi communications.

Demo Performance

Synth Arp & Drum Pad

Synth Arp & Drum Pad é uma aplicação para iPad com um arpejador e um prato de percussão, que permite interpretar o sintetizador interno ou outro dispositivo MIDI ligado e produzir frases musicais, dispondo de uma grande variedade de estilos musicais. (O arpejador toca automaticamente as notas individuais de um acorde com um padrão rítmico selecionado).