Nome Sistema Operacional Tamanho do Arquivo Ultimas Atualizações
MMP1 Firmware V1.10-2 22MB 2022-11-10
MMP1 Editor V1.1.1 for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 (32/64bit) Win 62.7MB 2022-07-07
MMP1 Editor V1.1.1 for Mac macOS 12-OS X 10.10 (Intel) Mac 59.9MB 2020-01-09

MMP1 Controller

MMP1 Controller

MMP1 Controller is an iPad application that allows remote control of MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System parameters. With the MMP1 app you can easily adjust the monitor system while accurately assessing performance from anywhere in the studio.

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Nome Português Inglês
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MMP1 Getting Started [English] [3.6MB]
MMP1 Getting Started [Português] [2.3MB] [3.6MB]
MMP1 Operation Manual [English] [4.6MB]
MMP1 Operation Manual [Português] [4.7MB] [4.6MB]
Nome Português Inglês
CAD Data (MMP1) [171KB]
MMP1 Block Diagram [159KB]
MMP1 Dimensions [104KB]
MMP1 Setup Guide [6.9MB]
MMP1 to TMC-1 Setup Guide [891KB]
ortho remote Configuration File [1KB]
ortho remote Setup Guide [2.1MB]