Case Studies

For Professional Audio

Sistema de áudio Yamaha escolhido para o passeio noturno encantado da Moment Factory em Xangai

O Oriens Lumina da Moment Factory é a 16ª experiência de passeio noturno encantado da empresa e a primeira na China. Como as caminhadas noturnas anteriores do Foresta Lumina, Alta Lumina e Kamuy Lumina no Canadá, França e Japão, respectivamente, ele conta com um grande estoque de áudio da Yamaha.

A Yamaha está no On The Money na Biblioteca de Erros (The Library of Mistakes)

A Library of Mistakes de Edimburgo é um recurso de aprendizado exclusivo e gratuito, que se concentra na história financeira e de negócios do mundo. Sua recente mudança para novas instalações viu o processamento Yamaha e os alto-falantes instalados para auxiliar em seu programa de palestras, transmissões ao vivo e podcasts.

"This Is Beautiful" - O técnico de PA, Brad Divens, muda para o RIVAGE PM

Depois de desligar seu baixo de bandas como Kix e Wrathchild America, Brad Divens foi técnico de PA para uma série de grandes artistas, incluindo Linkin Park, Cyndi Lauper, Garbage, Bob Seger e Silver Bullet Band e Mötley Crüe. Neste verão, ele mixou os principais shows europeus para Enrique Iglesias, onde, desde a mudança para um sistema de mixagem digital Yamaha RIVAGE PM, ele pôde se despedir de anos de turnê com racks externos.

A Filarmônica de Luxemburgo redobra sua presença no RIVAGE PM

Em 2016, a Filarmônica de Luxemburgo se tornou a primeira sala de concertos clássicos na Europa a instalar permanentemente o sistema de mixagem digital Yamaha RIVAGE PM10. Foi um sucesso tão grande que, em 2020, ela adicionou o RIVAGE PM7.

Always Playing: London Symphony Orchestra and Yamaha Keep Classical Music Live

Audience and community engagement, music education and global co-operation have always been at the heart of the London Symphony Orchestra’s activities. Working with long-term partner Yamaha, the orchestra has accelerated its digital outreach programme in recent months, helping its musicians to perform together again and for worldwide audiences to enjoy the unique experience of live classical performance.

RIVAGE PM10 Mixes Award-Winning, Multi-Sensory Production In Singapore

In 2018, Singaporean artist Inch Chua travelled to Antarctica as part of the Climate Force International Antarctic Expedition, led by renowned explorer Robert Swan. She turned the experience into an award-winning, multi-sensory production, 'Til The End Of The World, We'll Meet In No Man's Land, which used a complex binaural audio production, delivered to audiences via multiple sets of headphones and the KLANG Fabrik immersive in-ear monitoring system. The production was mixed on a Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system.

Yamaha and NEXO Systems Get into the Swing of Java Jazz

2020 marked the 16th annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) with performances from both local artist and international acts. This festival is one of the largest jazz festival in the world, with this year’s event spanning three days from February 28th until March 1st and attended by over 100,000 people from Indonesia and surrounding countries. Held in Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), the festival ground is known as one of the largest exhibition venues in Indonesia. Java Jazz 2020 had 11 stages, 8 indoor and 3 outdoor stages.

Mixing Danny Vera Is No Roller Coaster With RIVAGE PM7

Singer/songwriter Danny Vera has been bringing his distinctive blend of Americana to enthusiastic Dutch audiences since the early 2000s. Following the success of hit single Roller Coaster, Vera and his band played a sold-out tour in late 2019 with a Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 System Impresses JVR Music On Jay Chou Carnival World Tour

Jay Chou, the ‘King of Mandopop’, has turned his signature ‘Chou style’ or ‘Zhonnguo Feng’ music - fusing traditional instruments and styles with R&B or rock - into a global phenomenon. In late 2019, Chou’s record label JVR Music promoted the spectacular Carnival world tour to celebrate the artist’s 20th year in the entertainment industry. A Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system was chosen to mix the performers’ monitors.

RIVAGE PM Series deployed for the Opening Celebration of the 7th T20 Women’s World Cup cricket at Sydney Showground Stadium

Based in Sydney, Australia, The P.A. People is highly regarded as one of Australia’s premier audio vendors and were appointed to deliver a major upgrade of the audio system for the iconic venue and home to the GWS Giants AFL and Sydney Thunder BBL sporting teams.