Flexible Design and a variety of Custom Control Panels

Yamaha provides a versatile range of remote control options to suit the various installation types as well as the customer's unique requirements. These range from simple wall panel remotes to fully customizable software based control for either iOS or Windows based platforms.

ProVisionaire Control ProVisionaire Control KIOSK ProVisionaire Touch ProVisionaire Touch KIOSK MCP1 DCP Wireless DCP
UI Design check   check        
Control check check check check check check check
Monitoramento de aparelhos check check          
Signal Processor MTX, MRX series check check check check check check check
Nexo Powered TD Controller NXAMPMK2 check check check check
Amplificador ativo (série XMV, série PC-D/PC-DI*) check check check check      
Power AMP MA/PA series           check  
Digital Mixer CL, QL, TF series check check check check      
I/O device Exi/o, R series (ADDA), Tio check check check check      
Sistema de alto-falantes ("modelo P" da série VXL, série DZR-D/DXS XLF-D) check check check check      
MusicCast     check check      
Yamaha AV Receiver & Blu-ray Disk Player     check check      
Disklavier     check check      
Comutador de vídeo IDK (MSD-50x, MSD-70x, MSD62x) check check check check      
Support OS Windows Windows iPad iPad Hardware Hardware iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android

*A ser incluído numa futura versão atualizada

Intuitive and simple approach to design flexible controllers

Intuitive and simple approach to design flexible controllers

ProVisionaire series provide an easy, intuitive way to create original controllers that are ideally configured for the target installation. Multiple design pages are available so that different control panels can be provided for different audio zones and/or users, with presets and parameter settings optimized for each.

No specialized programming skills are required. An intuitive interface makes it easy to create faders for volume control and switches for source selection.

ProVisionaire Control

ProVisionaire Control

Arrastando e soltando widgets (como faders e botões) na tela, você cria um painel de controle original, ideal e totalmente voltado para os aplicativos e funções necessários para um projeto de instalação. Não é necessário nenhum conhecimento ou experiência em programação. O ProVisionaire Control controla uma ampla gama de equipamentos de PA da Yamaha, além do controlador TD amplificado NEXO NXAMPmk2. Também é compatível com comutadores de vídeo IDK, oferecendo um controle completo e conveniente dos sistemas de áudio e vídeo. Além disso, o Provisionaire Control unifica o monitoramento dos equipamentos de áudio profissional Yamaha, permitindo um gerenciamento detalhado via rede de áudio. O ProVisionaire Control se destaca como uma plataforma unificada, extremamente conveniente e confiável em uma ampla gama de aplicações.

ProVisionaire Control basic procedure: setup to operation

ProVisionaire Control basic procedure: setup to operation

Step 1: Controller Design

Create a layout with widgets that perform the functions of faders and switches, and assign them to the required control devices.

Step 2: Check & Delivery

By using the controller function of ProVisionaire Control, use it as an actual controller to check the appearance and usability.

Step 3: Operation

Once the system is online, all compatible devices can be controlled. The tablet device can be mounted on a wall or other fixed surface, or used handheld for maximum remote control freedom and convenience.

Aplicação “ProVisionaire Touch”

This handy iPad application allows MTX/MRX system control via a Wi-Fi network. A variety of control widgets can be arranged as required to create custom control panel layouts that are ideally configured for individual systems.

* ProVisionaire Touch can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store at no charge.(Apple, iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.)

Versatile control over a wide range of music and video content

Versatile control over a wide range of music and video content

A single iPad can be used to control a comprehensive range of music sources: CD players, NAS storage, mobile devices, Internet radio, and even piano. In addition Yamaha Blu-ray Disc Players and AV receivers. Switching videos and music sources according to the events at restaurants/banquet halls, collectively controlling the volume adjustment of the microphone and video switching at the conference room, it is possible to provide a smooth management system by using a single iPad.

Suporte Alargado para Controladores Externos

O MRX7-D é compatível com uma gama alargada de controladores externos que permite desde ajustes simples de volume a capacidades de controlo sobre características mais complexas.

Série DCP

Até 8 unidades DCP de controlo de painéis podem ser encadeadas, estilo “daisy”, ao longo de distâncias superiores a 200 metros por meio de cabos Ethernet CAT5e. A energia também é fornecida através de cabos CAT5e, permitindo uma instalação mais conveniente dos painéis de controlo.

Digital Control Panel - DCP Series

Digital Control Panel (DCP) is a simple solution to control all the sophisticated programming of MTX/MRX processor. Let's take a closer look at the features and learn how to setup the DCPs with the MTX-MRX Editor.

Digital Controller Hub - DCH8

DCH8 divides the control line from host devices such as the Yamaha MTX/MRX series into up to 8 lines. It allows for a flexible system structure, with a combination of star connections and daisy chain connections as a repeater between the host device and the control panels.

DCP Series / DCH8 Connection Distance

It is possible to connect up to eight units of DCP controller by using daisy chain connections of up to 200m. And, it is possible to extend the connection distance by reducing the number of DCP series that are installed as below. When using 2 or 3 DCP controllers in a commercial space which has a wide floor, a simple daisy chain connection is effective. When using more than 4 DCP controllers in a wide commercial space over more that one floor, a flexible topology (combining Daisy chain and Star connections) can help to extend the "total" cable length by combining a DCP series with DCH8.

Digital Controller Hub - DCH8

DCH8 extends the flexibility of the DCP's configurations. Take a closer look to the device and learn how to connect the DCPs together with DCH8.

Controlo externo flexível

The Wireless DCP app for iPhone or Android devices allows you to remote control the MTX/MRX series. Since the Wireless DCP has the same function as the DCP series, you can control the MTX/MRX series via your smart device at any place in the restaurants, banquet halls and so on.

* Wireless DCP can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play at no charge.(Apple, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.)

Wireless DCP

Wireless DCP extends the flexibility with the use of smart devices. It provides the same functions of DCP while no cabling is required. This video will explain how to setup the Wireless DCP.

Wall mount control panel MCP1

Wall mount control panel MCP1

The Yamaha MCP1 is an advanced wall-mount control panel for controlling MTX and MRX systems. Its dot-matrix display and universal character support facilitates dynamic labelling in many languages including Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Up to 36 parameters can be assigned to either the main Home page or any of the six sub pages. Any of these pages can be secured from unauthorized access by using a programmable PIN code. Up to 16 units of MCP1 can be added to an MTX/MRX system.

Wall-Mount Controller MCP1

The Yamaha MCP1 is an advanced wall-mount controller for controlling an MTX or MRX System. It allows the user to control their system remotely with more functions than a DCP and with a higher security level. This video will show you how to set up the MCP1 to the system.


O MRX7-D inclui conetores RS232C e Ethernet que facilitam a ligação a uma grande variedade de controladores externos tais como os fabricados pela AMX e a CRESTRON.